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Serving Massachusetts & Florida

Our staff helps companies hire temp & full-time workers at scale. Hire faster, deploy smarter and increase revenue.

Who We Are

Advantage Labor Solutions and its management staff has over 30 years experience in providing temporary labor staffing to a number of Massachusetts companies specializing in food processing, seafood processing, electronics, snow removal, landscaping and so much more!  We are committed to working as a team with our clients to provide cost effective solutions for today’s ever-changing labor issues

What We Can Do

Below are some of the things that we can do for your business.

Temporary Work Forces

We provide temporary work forces of any size for any period of time

Save Time & Money

We save you TIME and MONEY to improve efficiency and increase productivity!

Tax Filings, Workers Comp

We take care of all tax filings, workers compensation insurance, employee relations and more

Take Care Of Work Force

We allow you to concentrate on running your business while we take care of your work force!

Provide Transportation

We provide transportation for our employees with our fleet of buses and vans to GUARANTEE your production to be fully staffed, and start on time

Eliminate Overhead Costs

We save you money by eliminating overtime costs!

Advertising, Interviewing, Bookkeeping & Payroll

We save you time and money on advertising, interviewing, bookkeeping and payroll costs!

Safety Training

Our sales manager will meet with your Production Manager to ensure our workers receive basic safety training and are prepared to work before heading to the job!